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Handloads: .270 Winchester

Handloads: .270 Winchester

Always searching for a step up in performance, I couldn’t help but notice that the Alliant Powder Reloader’s Guide (alliantpowder.com) lists some impressive velocities for the .270 Win. firing 150-gr. bullets handloaded using Reloder 26—Nosler Partitions, Sierra GameKings and Speer BTSP 150-gr. bullets managing slightly more than 3000 f.p.s.

Since only maximum propellant weights are provided, start reloading at least 5 percent below the listed numbers. From the 24" barrel of a Mossberg Patriot Revere, Nosler 150-gr. Partitions reached 3042 f.p.s. The guide lists 60.8 grs. as maximum, but the 60.5-gr. load was too hot for another .270, resulting in flattened primers and stiff bolt lift.

Reloder 26 is manufactured with Extruded Impregnated (EI) technology that produces several advantages over other propellants. One is “extremely high velocities in magnum cartridges.” While the .270 does not wear a magnum label, Reloder 26 fired 150-gr. Partitions a good 100 f.p.s. faster than other propellants I’ve tried over the years. EI technology also produces consistent velocities despite temperature extremes. Reloder 26 loads resulted in velocity spreads of 18 f.p.s. with nine Partitions. The Mossberg .270 fired three-shot groups at 100 yds. that measured 0.39" to 1.50", with a 1.10" average for five groups.

Reloder 26’s cylindrical kernels do fail to meter precise weights from a powder measure; however, dispensing it a few grains below intended weight and dribbling in the last few kernels with a trickler is faster than reading this final sentence.

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