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Philadephia Deringer

I Have This Old Gun: Philadephia Deringer

Henry Deringer, maker of the famous Philadelphia Deringer single-shot pistol, has a particular distinction: He is the only gunmaker to have an entire genre of pistols named after him.

I Have This Old Gun: Norinco 84S

The Norinco 84S presents the same general appearance as the Chinese-made 56S because it has the same overall length, is built around a stamped sheet-steel receiver and uses the same hooded front sight base, the same 45-degree gas block, the same fire-control components, the same wood furniture and the same high-polish blued finish.

I Have This Old Gun: French Model 1935A

At the beginning of the Great War in 1914, France’s primary handgun was the cunning 8 mm double-action Modèle 1892 revolver, also known as the “Lebel” or “St. Étienne.”

I Have This Old Gun: Mauser “Cigarette” Rifle

As collectors know, fine firearms can be a solid investment, but, at times, firearms themselves become a commodity. In post-World War II Germany, the country’s currency had devalued rapidly, and a barter economy replaced traditional money.

I Have This Old Gun: Marlin 1894 Trapper

Collectors refer to these shortened carbines as “trappers,” but that term was never officially used by either Winchester or Marlin. Winchester referred to them as “Baby Carbines” or “Special Short Carbines” on the rare occasions when they were cataloged.

I Have This Old Gun: Astra 600/43

Although the Astra Model 600/43 may not sit at the top of the list of the most collectible German World War II pistols, that is exactly what the first 10,500 are. Read on:

I Have This Old Gun: British Pattern 1851 “Minié” Rifle Musket

Though its active official service life was less than a half-dozen years, Britain’s Pattern 1851 “Minié” rifle musket was an important step in the evolution of military longarms.

I Have This Old Gun: Colt “American Railway Express” Police Positive

Colt's Positive Lock eventually gave rise to the Police Positive, which was introduced in 1907 with more than 750,000 were produced until production halted in 1995.

I Have This Old Gun: L.C. Smith No. 3E

Since its introduction in 1886, the L.C. Smith Hammerless has held the distinction of being the only side-by-side sidelock shotgun made in America, garnering legions of fans that encompass both shooters and collectors.

I Have This Old Gun: Schmeisser Model I

It’s unfortunate that Hugo Schmeisser’s renown comes from having his surname erroneously appended to the superb World War II German MP38/40 submachine gun, a firearm he really had nothing to do with.

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