Cleaning Bolt Recesses

posted on August 26, 2014
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Q: Is there an easy way to clean the bolt recesses in a bolt-action receiver? I find that after just a couple of shooting sessions they get so full of junk that I have trouble closing the bolt.

A: Sinclair makes a recess cleaning tool that utilizes cotton swabs that resemble an oversized cigarette filter. Secure the swab to the tool, soak it with solvent and insert it through the rear of the receiver. Once the swabs reach the recesses they will spread. A few turns will remove the grime that accumulates in this hard-to-reach area. For really dirty recesses it may take several swabs. Be careful removing the tool, especially on receivers like the Winchester Model 70 that have blade-style ejectors. You will have to carefully push the ejector down to remove the tool.




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