Preview: Springfield Hellcat 15-Round Magazine

posted on July 26, 2021

Springfield Armory’s Hellcat pistol came to market offering increased capacity within a micro-compact design. Now the company has introduced a 15-round detachable magazine for its Hellcat series of 9 mm Luger-chambered semi-automatics, remarkably bringing the micro-compact’s capacity up to par with that of many fullsize pistol designs.

The new 15-rounder features the same stainless-steel construction and rear-facing witness holes present on the Hellcat’s existing 11- and 13-round magazines, while standing only 0.28" taller than the 13-round box, which is a boon to those with large hands; the magazine’s extended baseplate allows shooters with big mitts to get a full, three-fingered grip on the tiny guns.

With the added length and capacity, Springfield Amory’s 15-round Hellcat magazine comes with baseplate texturing that matches the Adaptive Grip Texture that adorns the pistol’s frame. The extended Hellcat magazine locks into the frame with a near-seamless transition, making for a comfortable addition that doesn’t pinch or snag while squeezing more rounds between the hands.

Like the Hellcat itself, the new magazines are available in either black or flat dark earth. MSRP is set at $40. For more information about Springfield Armory, its Hellcat pistol and 15-round magazine, please visit



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