Summer 2024 Industry Deals In Full Swing

posted on June 2, 2024
Moneysaving Trend
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The dog days of summer are around the corner, and the thought of hot and muggy firing-line sessions isn’t much of an incentive to purchase new guns and gear. The slight sales decline in early summer is annual, but it presents an interesting cash-flow challenge for manufacturers.

With the heavy holiday shopping season approaching—and this year’s contentious presidential election looming—now’s not the time to risk idling and potentially losing experienced staff. Yet, there’s serious financial risk in continuing production at full capacity. Investing too much in an inventory collecting dust and, sooner or later, it’s tough to keep the lights on.

Some companies launch smoking-hot sales, offer rebates or add incentives to keep operations running smoothly and ensure the skilled hands they rely on can still bring home the bacon. For larger firms, the promotion season has become something of a tradition.

Either way, here are some of the best deals out there right now—more will likely be announced in the next few weeks. Bear in mind, each have specific limitations and are not allowed in certain areas of the nation. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

Beretta—Whether you’re into busting clays, trying to find a California-compliant pistol or eager to claim a popular APX A1 pistol for yourself, Beretta’s offering rebates that run from $500 to $50—depending on firearm selected. The promotions expire either on July 31 or Aug. 31, depending on gun.

BrowningAct by May 30 and you could receive a $3 rebate for every box of Browning TSS Tungsten Turkey shotshells purchased. Maximum rebate amount is $100.

Heritage—Claim a Heritage Rough Rider or Rancher revolver before August arrives and you will receive, at no extra cost, a .22 WMR cylinder.

Kimber—Purchase a qualifying KDS9c pistol by July 31 and you may be eligible to receive a free set of high texture grips and two magazines. Value is $150 and full details are found here.

Ruger—There's a $25 Ruger Reward, redeemable at, with the purchase of a new, qualifying Ruger Wrangler revolver.

SavageAct before June arrives, and new owners of a Savage 110 Precision or Savage 110 Elite Precision can receive a $100. Select an Axis II Precision and there’s $50 in your future.

Springfield—Purchase a Springfield Armory 2020 Waypoint or Redline before 2024 comes to an end and qualifying new owners also take home a Model 2020 Rimfire Black Target rifle.

Taurus and Rossi—Add a qualifying Rossi or Taurus revolver (excluding the Raging Hunter) to your collection and you will receive a $50 credit. Offer ends July 31.

Taurus—Take home a new TaurusTX 22 pistol on or before July 31 and there’s three free magazines in your future.

Walther—Free ammo is in the works for anyone who buys a qualifying Walther P22 or Walther WMP. It’s a $50 savings. Visit this webpage for more information.

Winchester—Load up with Winchester Super X or Double X turkey shotshells before June arrives and you can receive a $3 rebate per purchased box. Limits apply. Consult the promotion’s webpage for full information.

In addition, keep an eye on your local FFL’s sales and promotions. They need your support to keep the lights on, too.


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