New For 2022: Springfield Armory Exclusive Two-Tone Stainless Hellcat & Hellcat OSP

posted on August 1, 2022
Hellcat Stainless 1

Springfield Armory has announced the release of a new series of pistols available exclusively through Sports South, with the Two-Tone Stainless Hellcat and Hellcat Optical Sight Pistol (OSP). Both these micro 9 mm chambered pistols come with 3" barrels with stainless steel slides, contrasted against black components and the polymer frame. On top of the slide, both have U-Dot sights, which blend a tritium front sight post with a U-notch rear. For the OSP version, the slide features a removable cover plate, which allows micro red-dot optics in the Springfield Micro footprint pattern to be attached directly. This footprint is low enough that the U-Dot iron sights can be co-witnessed through to optic window.

Both versions accept 11-round magazines, which can accept either a flush fitting floorplate or a pinky extension. They also accept 13-round magazines, with each pistol shipping with one 11-round and one 13-round magazine. These stainless steel Hellcats are largely like the standard versions, but with an added aesthetic. The retail price of these two exclusive Hellcat pistols is $614 for the standard model and $649 for the OSP version. For more information on the Exclusive Two-Tone Stainless Hellcat series, visit


Langdon Tactical Partners with Heckler & Koch
Langdon Tactical Partners with Heckler & Koch

Langdon Tactical Partners With Heckler & Koch

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