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Winchester Ladies Cup Championship 5

The Inaugural Winchester Ladies Cup Championship

As part of an effort to bolster female participation in sporting-clays competition, the inaugural Winchester Ladies Cup Championship got underway during the 2021 National Sporting Clays Association Championship Tour.

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Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine 2

Rifleman Review: Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine

While designed for law-enforcement and government use, the Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine is available in semi-automatic format for the commercial market.

Gun Of The Week: Springfield Armory Echelon

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week with a striker-fired handgun from Springfield Armory called the Echelon—a feature-rich semi-automatic design chambered for the ubiquitous 9 mm Luger cartridge.

Making Fiocchi Centerfire Ammunition

For a long time, Fiocchi was known primarily for its shotshells, but recently, the company has made a concerted effort to bolster its presence in the marketplace of centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition.

Gun Of The Week: Walther WMP

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week with the Walther Magnum Pistol. This is a full-size handgun designed to run reliably with a range of .22 WMR loads and one that provides an easy-to-shoot platform with an impressive magazine capacity.

I Have This Old Gun: Jacob's Double Rifle

In the annals of military arms, one of the more unique firearms considered for use is the Jacob double rifle, produced in Great Britain by Swinburn & Sons.

Gun Of The Week: Winchester XPR Stealth SR

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week to learn about Winchester’s most recent evolution of its bolt gun, the XPR, and one with a few features that make it extra special.

Rifleman Review: Colt Anaconda

Colt reintroduced its .44 Mag. Anaconda revolver in 2021, rounding out a line of magnum "snake guns" that started with the re-introduced Colt Python in 2020.

Gun Of The Week: Benelli SBE3 20-Ga.

Join American Rifleman staff on the range this week with Benelli USA’s third generation of its tried-and-true Super Black Eagle, and one that is designed specifically for 20-ga. shotshells.

Making The Taurus GX4 & TX22

In this feature segment from "American Rifleman Television," we go behind the scenes at Taurus USA in Bainbridge, Ga., to see how the company's popular GX4 and TX22 pistols are built.

Gun Of The Week: Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger PC Carbine FDE Takedown

We’re back with another Gun Of The Week video, and this time, we’re taking a closer look at a Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger PC Carbine. Except this isn’t your run-of-the-mill PC Carbine. This version comes outfitted with Magpul’s FDE-colored Backpacker stock.

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