SureFire E2D LED Defender Ultra

posted on May 14, 2013


SureFire has introduced the E2D LED Defender Ultra—a compact, dual-output flashlight that puts out 500 lumens of light on its high setting.

In addition, the E2D has a five-lumen low mode, and still features SureFire’s crenellated Strike Bezel and scalloped tailcap for striking when light is not enough to dissuade an aggressor. The 5 ½-inch body of the flashlight is made of high-strength aerospace aluminum that is Mil-Spec anodized for durability.

The E2D also features a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens for a tight beam, with enough surrounding light to provide viewing with peripheral vision, and an ergonomic tactical tailcap for use in high-stress situations. For power it uses 123A lithium batteries with a 10-year shelf life.


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