Nebo Slim+ 1200

Preview: Nebo Slim+ 1200

Nebo’s Slim+ 1200 is a multifunctional tool that carries very easily within a pants pocket or a purse, thanks to its convenient footprint.

Preview: BulletSafe VP3

Far less cumbersome than traditional plate carriers laden with ceramic plates, the Vital Protection 3 (VP3) is a soft-armor bulletproof vest from BulletSafe that can be painlessly donned and doffed in only seconds.

Review: ATN ThOR LT 320 3-6X

Whether it be in smartphones or sport optics, the natural evolution of technology follows a path that usually results in lighter, less-expensive options eventually being made available to the consumer. Optic company ATN has been aggressively working to mitigate this shortcoming, and its ThOR LT 320 3-6X demonstrates its progress.

ERGO Grips Celebrating 25th Anniversary In 2023

For its 25th Anniversary in 2023, Ergo Grips is celebrating throughout the year by holding giveaways, hosting special sales and offering a limited-edition Anniversary Grip.

Preview: SnapSafe GlideVault

Introduced last year, the GlideVault from SnapSafe is a security safe with a spring-assisted opening mechanism that is small enough for use under a bed, in a closet or on a countertop, but large enough to accommodate jewelry, important documents and most handguns.

Preview: Warthog Sharpeners V-Sharp Curve

The V-Sharp Curve from Warthog Sharpeners is a fast and easy-to-use sharpening tool, whether in the kitchen, shop or on the go during camping, hunting or boating.

Preview: Desert Tech Trek-22

Owners of Ruger 10/22-pattern semi-automatic rifles will benefit from the modularity and compactness of the Trek-22 bullpup conversion kit.

Preview: Attleboro Gramps

A multifunctional tool named after the proprietor’s grandfather, who lost one of his hands during a hunting accident, the Gramps from Attleboro Knives is a 9" knife with a 3.5", S35VN stainless-steel blade that ends in a three-prong fork.

Preview: GG&G Mossberg 930 Side Saddle Shell Holder

GG&G produces a line of high-quality side-saddle shell holders—compatible with many popular 12-ga. shotgun platforms—that allow an additional half-dozen shotshells to be carried conveniently on the side of the firearm.

Preview: WM&T SME Slimline

The Sound Mitigation Equipment (SME) Slimline, manufactured by Witt Machine & Tool, pairs an effective three-chambered muzzle brake with an external shroud that quickly attaches via external threading.

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