Stoeger Condor: A Budget Friendly Over-Under Shotgun

posted on January 2, 2021

If fast-flying clays are your game, then the odds are good the Stoeger Condor line of over-under shotguns has crossed your radar. Trap and skeet aren’t the gun’s only specialty, though. There are more than 20 models available, everything from a youth model, to a synthetic-stocked outback and even a competition with an AA-grade walnut stock, adjustable comb, high-polish blue receiver and gold selective trigger. MSRP for that version is only $669.

The price is only part of the reason these over-unders ranked seventh in’s annual list of the top-ten firearms in the category. Diversity, options and quality played a huge role, too.

The Competition model is available in both 12 and 20 ga., with a left-hand version offered in the former chambering. Each can run 3" shotshells, have 30" ported barrels and an overall length of 47". A tang safety doubles as the barrel selector and ejectors are automatic. It comes standard with an adjustable comb.

If your intended use is a little more rugged than the firing line, the Outback may be more your style. The boxlock is available in A-grade walnut or with a synthetic stock. Both have an MSRP of only $449 and come with extractors, 3" chambers on the 20" barrels and weigh 7 lbs. with an overall length of 36". Improved cylinder and modified choke tubes (screw in) are included. It uses rifle-type sights and is only available in 12 ga.

The majority of the Condor line will only set you back $449, though. Field Grades still wear American walnut furniture, but are more utilitarian. They are available in 12, 20 and 28 ga., as well .410 bore. Each (except the 28) chamber 3" shotshells. Barrel lengths are 26 and 28". There’s even a pair of longfowlers in 12 ga. and youth models are available in 20 ga. and .410 bore for the same price. To learn more about the Stoeger Condor series of over-under shotguns visit


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