Mossberg Silver Reserve II: A Popular Over-Under Shotgun

posted on November 21, 2020

American Rifleman covered Mossberg’s introduction of its Silver Reserve II, over-and-under break action shotgun in 2012. The new model, with many features and embellishments typically found on much more expensive sporting shotguns, was big news coming form a company with a well-deserved reputation for producing reliable guns at pocketbook-friendly prices.

Eight years ago, models were going for anywhere between $600 and $1,200. Today prices have changed modestly at the bottom end of the range, starting at $797 and running up to $1,198.

The priciest amount Mossberg's Silver Reserve II Family is the Super Sport with Shell Ejectors. Two versions are available, both chambered for 3" 12-gauge shotshells. One has a 30" barrel, while the other measures 32. The barrels are blued, the silver receiver has scroll engraving and the raised comb stock is select black walnut with a satin finish. Each come with a sport set of chokes, five in all.

The Mossberg International Silver Reserve II Field Combo (seen above) is the second-most expensive model in the lineup. It comes with both 12- and 20-gauge barrels capable of chambering 3” shells, extractors and two field sets of chokes. The barrels are also blued and the receiver is silver with engraving. The stock is a slightly lesser-grade walnut, but still comes with the pleasing satin finish. Barrel lengths are 28” and 26”, with the bigger bore being longest. Overall lengths come in at 45” and 43” and it tips the scales, depending on barrel, at 7.5 and 7 lbs.

The Sport with Shell Ejectors—MSRP of $1,102—has a 28” barrel and runs 12 gauge. There’s even a Youth Bantam version chambered in 20 gauge. It’ll set you back $797.

And four Field choices round out the line, each with extractors. Gauges available include 12, 20 and 28 as well as .410 bore. Barrel lengths vary by chambering, but all come with chokes, black walnut stocks and a MSRP, regardless of preference, of $797.  

The prices are one reason the Mossberg Silver Reserve II was the sixth-most-popular over-under on last year. Add the company’s reputation for producing firearms that perform, and the odds are good it’s going to be near the top again when the numbers are finally in.


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