Preview: Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster

posted on August 26, 2023
Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster

When it comes to holster selection, there are pros and cons to both leather and Kydex. Many companies have attempted to blend the best features of both into one perfect, hybrid solution, and Mission First Tactical has a novel take on the blended concept with its Hybrid Holster.

The design features the rigidity and adjustable retention of a Kydex holster while providing a more comfortable carry experience, as well as the traditional style of leather. Thanks to the Kydex core, the holster requires no breaking-in as do traditional leather holsters, either.

Cant is adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees, and the ambidextrous design of the holster allows it to be used for right- or left-hand carry. MSRP is $69.

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