Preview: MGM Targets MLS 2 Target Package

posted on August 16, 2023
MGM Targets MLS 2 Target Package

The MLS 2 Target Package from MGM Targets economically bundles one of the company’s two-hook Modular Locking System (MLS) target stands with a pair of its steel targets

The portable unit—which measures just 25" tall and weighs only 18 lbs. fully assembled—can be set up in only seconds without the need for tools.

The two included hexagonal, 3/8"-thick targets are made from HEXALLOY 550 steel, and are rated for shotgun, rimfire and pistol use at 15 yards and centerfire rifle use at 150 yards.

One 4"-wide target and one 6"-wide target are included in the package, but MGM also offers many other compatible targets, and thanks to their MLS design, they can’t fall off the stand accidentally. MSRP is $131. For more information, visit


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Silencer Central’s Banish Backcountry

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