Obsidian Arms Complete AR-15 Armorer’s Punch Set

Product Preview: Obsidian Arms Complete AR-15 Armorer’s Punch Set

Designed with input from professional armorers and made in the United States, Obsidian Arms’ 12-piece punch set for AR-style rifles and pistols is also accompanied by a lifetime warranty.

Popular Rifling Types: Advantages & Disadvantages

There are five barrel-rifling methods in general use: cut, button, broach, hammer forging and ECM (electrolytic cationic machining). All have their benefits and drawbacks.

The Budget Bolt-Action Revolution

The bolt-action has come to the fore as the first rifle, the basic rifle, the most popular hunting rifle and one of the least-expensive choices.

2023 Accessory Of The Year: Silencer Central Banish 46

American Rifleman is pleased to announce Accessory Of The Year Award goes to Silencer Central.

3 Unique AR-15 Lower Receivers

Here's a closer look at receivers and accessories for America’s Rifle that accommodate folding stocks, helps cut costs or improves downrange accuracy.

Product Preview: Apertures ‘N’ More Rear Sight Replacement Parts

When individual parts from complex rear-sight assemblies go missing, they can be hard to replace because of proprietary features such as thread specifications.

The Ridgeway 'Frankenspencer:' A Lesson NOT Too Late For The Learning

The saga of the 'Frankenspencer' from Ridgeway is a lesson that every arms collector should learn.

Washington AR-15 Ban Impacts Local Manufacturers

On April 25, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed HB 1240 into law, which bans the manufacture, distribution, transfer and sale of AR-15s, along with all semi-auto rifles that measure less than 30" in length or wear other features common to semi-automatic firearms.

Firearm Industry Economic Impact Rises 322% Since 2008

The industry’s economic impact rose to $80.73 billion in 2022, up from $70.52 billion in 2021. Total jobs increased by more 17,877 in the same period, to 396,696 from 375,819, according to the NSSF report.

Product Preview: Throom Targets 6” Bounceback Series Plate Rack

Reactive steel plate racks are a lot of fun to shoot, but the cost, weight and splashback associated with steel makes them a limited commodity for most backyard gun ranges.

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