Preview: Mech Tech Pistol Conversion Unit

posted on September 12, 2021
Mech Tech Pistol Conversion Unit

Based out of Kalispell, MT., for over 20 years Mech Tech Systems has offered pistol enthusiasts with a fully customizable product line that is 100-percent made in America and designed to take your pistol-shooting experience to another level. The Mech Tech Pistol Conversion Unit (PCU) is a drop-in system that preserves its host’s status as a handgun while offering increased cartridge velocity, firing stability and sight radius.

Featuring a replacement 12” barrel, Gear Head Works’ Tailhook arm brace and flip-up iron sights, the PCU comes in variants compatible with Glock- and M1911-pattern pistols, but our test sample was chambered in 9 mm Luger and built for use with Springfield XD/XD-M pistols. Black is the default color option, but Flat Dark Earth (Magpul FDE) is available for a $49.95 upcharge.

Installation of the unit, which measures 22.625" overall and weighs 5 lbs., 12 ozs., requires only fieldstripping the pistol and inserting the supplied feed ramp into its frame. The PCU fits a variety of, but not all, XD and XD-M models having dustcovers with at least two accessory rail cross slots. Operation of the pistol’s passive safeties is not altered, although the PCU does not fit XD models with manual safeties.

For those looking to make the conversion process, bear in mind that Mech Tech Systems offers additional options to fully customize the experience—prospective purchase may pick from four muzzle device options, two separate hand and sight options. Additionally, PCU builder may add red- or green-dot optics, barrel band swivel mounts and more.

Mech Tech Pistol Conversion Unit pricing starts $550. To learn more, please visit



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