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New For 2023: Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s II

Though the company is mostly known for its AR-pattern rifles and components, Bear Creek Arsenal has an updated version of its Glock-pattern pistol known as the Genes1s II.

Arming My Daughter: A Defensive Handgun Trainer’s Personal Tale

Experiencing the reality that “a daughter is a treasure and a cause for sleeplessness,” the author determined to equip one of his own with the firearm skills necessary to survive in a harsh, unforgiving world.

The 10 mm Auto: History & Performance

Despite the fact that most shooters think that the history of the 10 mm Auto cartridge was conceived by Col. Jeff Cooper and invented in 1983, the round actually began breaking the performance mold in the early '70s.

Rotary-Barrel Pistols: A Design That Has Come Full-Circle

While Browning's tilting-barrel design has dominated the playing field, over a century after the first rotary pistols were being built in the Austro-Hungarian empire, the rotating design has come full-circle.

The Glock 17 Pistol: American Rifleman's Original Review

In the May 1986 issue of American Rifleman, Technical Editor Pete Dickey took an early look at the then-new Glock 17 and dispelled many of the common myths surrounding the revolutionary pistol at the time.

New For 2023: Lone Wolf Arms DUSK 19

Lone Wolf Arms' DUSK 19 is an enhancement of the original Glock 19 design, loaded with premium aftermarket components and featuring several elements you won't find on OEM Glocks.

New For 2023: Glock 28

Through its partnership with TALO Distributors, Glock is now making its G28 pistol, a subcompact, double-stack .380, available to U.S. consumers.

Review: Glock 47 MOS

The Glock 47 MOS takes the G19X/G45 concept and stretches it, giving its user a nearly 4.5"-long barrel followed by an optic-ready slide on a frame with the company's latest, Gen5 ergonomics. The G47 MOS comes chambered in 9 mm Luger and has a 17-round magazine.

Preview: XS Sights InLine Sight Pusher Kit For Glock

XS Sights’ Inline Sight Pusher Kit is a do-it-all DIY setup that can accommodate OEM and aftermarket Glock slides.

Product Preview: Holosun SCS-MOS Green

Designed from the ground up for Glock’s MOS pistol/optic mounting interface, this solar-charged electronic sight offers a low-profile, reflex-style red-dot contained within a titanium housing.

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