New for 2021: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP 10 mm

posted on October 1, 2021
Springfield XDM Elite OSP 10Mm

The Springfield Armory XD-M line of striker-fired handguns have continuously proven to be popular options for the handgun market, and the line has continuously evolved and improved to fill growing trends and niches in the market. The newest addition to the line continues these trends, addressing the wants of the the concealed-carry market while also offering a potent chambering for those seeking magnum-like performance, the XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP in 10 mm Auto.

This new compact XD-M Elite is small and light enough for comfortable concealed carry, with a height of 4.58", length of 6.75", grip width of 1.2" and unloaded weight of 27 ozs. Despite the small size, the XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP 10 mm comes standard with two flush-fitting 11-round magazines and is also compatible with fullsize 15-round magazines with the use of "grip sleeves." It also comes with a short, flared magazine-well insert to aid in rapidly inserting fresh magazines, which can be removed for the use of the fullsize magazines if desired.

Like the other options in the XD-M Elite line, the new compact XD-M Elite has a polymer frame with a forged steel slide treated with a Melonite finish. The 3.8" 10 mm barrel is made from hammer-forged steel, also with a Melonite finish, and is match grade with a 1:10" twist rate. As for controls, both the slide catch and magazine release buttons are completely ambidextrous, and the use of a grip safety bar is retained for increased safety. The trigger shoe also retains a safety tab, with the trigger itself being Springfield's enhanced META trigger system.

The slide sports large, aggressive serrations machined into both the front and rear of the sides for a firm grip when racking, and also has a loaded chamber indicator which visibly lifts upward when loaded. Being one of the OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) sub-line, the slide of the XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP 10 mm comes pre-machined for the mounting of various popular micro red-dot optics from the factory with the various optic mounting plates available from Springfield Armory. It is available as a bare pistol with mount cover plate installed for a MSRP of $633, or as a package with a HEX Dragonfly 3.5 m.o.a. red-dot optic pre-installed for $818.

Should the basic option be desired, the iron sights that come standard with the new compact XD-M Elite OSP offer good sight picture and contrast, with a red fiber-optic front sight post and Tactical Rack U-Dot rear dovetailed into the slide. Should the attachment of a light or laser module also be desired, the dust cover also includes three Picatinny rail slots, much like the larger versions. For more information on the new Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP 10 mm, visit


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