Preview: Federal Premium Punch .22 Long Rifle

posted on January 28, 2021
While .22 Long Rifle isn't a top choice for personal-defense use, there are many rimfire guns on the market ideally sized for concealed carry or personal-defense use, and some owners may prefer to use these low-recoil, easy-to-carry options. To cater to this market, Federal Premium expanded its Punch line of defensive ammunition to include the .22 Long Rifle chambering.

This .22 Long Rifle load is the first time Federal Premium has ever offered a defensive-oriented load in this particular chambering. It's notable that there is demand for a defensive rimfire offering, which reflects growing confidence on the part of consumers in the reliability of rimfire ammunition, as well as the guns that feed it.

The Federal Premium Punch .22 Long Rifle load features a 29-gr. lead-core bullet with a nickel plating. The bullet profile is designed to optimize penetration, particularly when fired through short-barreled handguns, like those from North American Arms. The bullets are seated inside nickel-plated cases that provide easier extraction and better corrosion-resistance compared to brass cases. Additionally, Federal's aggressive testing and quality-control protocols are designed to heighten reliability in these defensive-oriented loads.

Since the Federal Premium Punch .22 Long Rifle load is designed for use through short barrels, the company released testing data fired through a 2" barrel, and the specially formulated powder blend achieved a muzzle velocity of 1,070 f.p.s. When fired through a 24" rifle barrel, that velocity increased to 1,650 f.p.s.

Federal Premium's .22 Long Rifle Punch load is sold in boxes of 50 rounds, and the suggested retail price is $9.99. For more information, visit



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