Preview: Cuda RX-795

posted on August 20, 2023
Cuda RX-795

The Cuda RX-795 is one of the most technically advanced reflex-style red-dots on the market.

Its IntelliDOT system self-regulates the intensity of its reticle, automatically measuring the ambient lighting 10 times per second to ensure the shooter’s dot is always at its optimal brightness, a feature that can be manually overridden by the user if desired.

The buttonless 6061 aluminum unit turns on when it senses movement and quickly turns itself off again after only about five seconds of motionlessness, greatly extending the life of its included CR1632 battery, and an internal speaker beeps to provide a low-battery alert.

The 1.34-oz. RX-795 is built on the common Docter footprint, and it also comes with a low-rise Picatinny mount, making it compatible with a large assortment of handguns and long arms; both 3-m.o.a. and 6-m.o.a. versions are available.

MSPR is $399. For more information, visit


Man suit tie handgun pistol drawing concealment concealed carry leather holster semi-automatic black pistol
Man suit tie handgun pistol drawing concealment concealed carry leather holster semi-automatic black pistol

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