New For 2023: SIG Sauer Cross Magnum

posted on November 18, 2023
SIG Cross Magnum 01
Images courtesy of SIG Sauer, Inc.

In 2019, SIG Sauer re-entered the bolt action market with the introduction of the Cross, a compact and lightweight precision hunting rifle, chambered in cartridges like .308 Win., 6.5 mm Creedmoor and the company’s then-new .277 Fury. New for 2023, SIG is scaling the platform up with the Cross Magnum in .300 Win. Mag.

Right side of the tan-colored SIG Sauer Cross Magnum rifle.The Cross Magnum upsizes the compact precision hunting rifle that SIG introduced four years ago.

Like the short-action Cross, the Magnum has AR-15-like modularity. Lacking a traditional stock, the rifle is built around a one-piece receiver made out of aluminum alloy to which all of the other components attach. Its 24” medium-contour barrel is made of stainless steel with 5R 1:9”-twist rifling and is user-replaceable. The muzzle is threaded 5/8 x 24 TPI with a radial muzzlebrake installed that SIG claims reduces recoil by 45 percent.

It sits inside of a free-floating handguard that has M-Lok slots and ARCA rail attachment points for bipods and tripods. The polymer grip is a PRS type. To the rear of the receiver is attached a SIG Precision Stock. Fully adjustable, including comb height, recoil pad height and length-of-pull, the stock also has a replaceable bag rider. The unit folds to the right side of the rifle with a newly-designed hinge mechanism and with the stock folded the rifle’s overall length is reduced from 45.2” to 36”. It weighs 8.9 lbs.

A SIG Sauer Cross Magnum is stowed on a hunter's backpack as he treks through the woods toward a black truck.The Cross Magnum’s folding precision stock makes the rifle compact for field use.

The Cross Magnum uses a steel detachable box magazine of the AICS pattern that holds six rounds. A bilateral safety is placed in the AR position above the grip. Aluminum components are finished in coyote anodizing, and steel parts have a black finish. With a receiver designed to accept cartridges up to 300 PRC, expect additional chamberings in the future. The rifle can be found at prices as low as $2,500. For more information, visit



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