New For 2022: FN SCAR 15P

posted on December 13, 2022

Since its introduction to the American market, FN USA's SCAR platform has garnered popularity and has evolved to include several specialized variants. Building off the hype of the civilian market when the SCAR-SC select-fire PDW was released for military and law enforcement, for 2022 the firm has announced a semi-automatic-only, large-format pistol version called the SCAR 15P. Chambered for 5.56 NATO just like the larger SCAR 16S, the SCAR 15P measures in at an overall length of less than 20" with the use of a 7.5" cold-hammer forged, chrome-lined barrel, topped off with a threaded-on three-prong flash hider. 

With an upper receiver machined from a single piece of aluminum, the top features a continuous Picatinny rail for mounting optics, sights and other accessories. The handguard, also machined from aluminum, features shorter segments of Picatinny on the sides and bottom for further mounting options. At the back of the receiver, where the stock would normally connect on a SCAR 16S, the SCAR 15P features a vertical Picatinny rail (VPR), which includes a detachable connection point for single-point slings.

The polymer module that acts as the lower receiver of the SCAR 15P is identical to that used by the SCAR 16S and features the same controls and is compatible with many of the same components. The module also accepts most standard AR-15-style magazines and grips. This includes ambidextrous magazine release buttons and safety selectors. Using a short-stroke gas system, it also features an adjustable gas regulator for suppressor use. Unlike earlier versions of the SCAR, the SCAR 15P features a non-reciprocating charging handle, which both increases user-friendliness on such a small platform and decreases felt recoil by reducing the mass of the carrier.

The charging handle itself is offered in two options, a low-profile version and another bent downward at 30 degrees to gain clearance from optics or other accessories attached to the top Picatinny rail. The pistols ship with the low profile charging handle installed, but the 30-degree version is also available as an upgrade on the customer level. Unloaded and without attachments, these pistols weigh little more than 5 lbs. Factory color options include black or flat dark earth. They also come from the factory with either a 10- or 30-round magazine, along with a discrete soft-sided carry case that is color-matched to the pistol. The SCAR 15P, regardless of color option, has a suggested market price of $3,699. For more information, visit  


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