New For 2022: Smith & Wesson Volunteer AR-15 Series

posted on January 19, 2022
Smith Wesson Volunteer Series Ar 15 Sporting Rifle F

Smith & Wesson announced the launch of its all-new series of AR-15 rifles in 2022, giving AR fans an updated lineup of sporting rifles loaded with features. The new S&W Volunteer series starts with four new models, all with different elements to suit the needs of today's firearm enthusiasts.

Laying the foundation for the Volunteer series is the Volunteer XV, a no-frills AR with a few enhancements that make it stand out from the pack. The rifle is outfitted with a B5 Systems Bravo adjustable stock and a B5 pistol grip with a steeper grip angle designed to provide an ideal placement for a shooter's trigger finger. At the front end of the gun is a Bravo Company handguard complete with M-Lok attachment slots.  The rifle is equipped with a single-stage, flat-faced trigger. Building on the Volunteer XV lineup is the Volunteer XV OR, which provides an optic-ready platform with a Picatinny-rail-equipped gas block instead of an A2 front-sight gas block.

Stepping up from the two foundational models of the Volunteer lineup, you'll find the Volunteer XV Pro, which is outfitted with a mid-length gas system to reduce both felt recoil and wear on internal components. This model features a 15", free-floated, M-Lok handguard, and the XV Pro's 16" barrel is topped by a PWS muzzle brake. A 14.5" barreled option with a pinned-and-welded muzzle brake is also available. These models also feature a B5 Systems pistol grip and a B5 Sopmod stock outfitted with a battery-storage compartment.

At the top of the Smith & Wesson Volunteer series is the Volunteer XV DMR. In this rifle, you'll get all of the features found in the XV Pro model, but this rifle is outfitted with a 20" barrel and a rifle-length gas system. Both the Pro and the DMR are also outfitted with an ambidextrous Radian Raptor-LT charging handle and a set of folding sights from the Williams Gun Sight Company.

Every Smith & Wesson Volunteer AR-15 includes a forward assist, chromed firing pin, dust cover and a forged trigger guard integrated into the lower receiver. The guns are also all chambered in 5.56 NATO and treated with the company's durable Armornite finish on the inside and outside of the barrel for greater corrosion- and wear-resistance. Suggested retail pricing on the new Volunteer series starts at $1,049 and tops out at $1,599. For more information, visit


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