New for 2021: Wilson Combat SFX9

posted on July 19, 2021
Wilson Combat Sfx9 Pistol F

Wilson Combat's new SFX9 models take the company's X9 pistol lineup into new territory, thanks to the innovative construction of its new frame and features that fans came to love on the EDCX9 lineup of pistols. The Wilson Combat SFX9 features the company's all-new Solid Frame, a lightened grip frame machined from 7075-T6 aluminum designed to enhance strength while also making the gun easy to carry all day long.

Designed for durability, the Wilson Combat SFX9 frame features ergonomic grip contours that are designed to improve recoil control during long range sessions and fast firing. Anchoring the gun in a shooter's hand is the company's X-TAC tread pattern that provides solid control while also being comfortable and non-abrasive. One of the other core elements of the SFX9 is the magazine, which is the same double-stack pattern used on the innovative EDC9 and produced by Mec-Gar.

At the top end of the Wilson Combat SFX9 is a 3.25" Tri-Top subcompact slide complete with a stainless cone barrel designed with a special lock-up system that enhances reliability. The gun also comes with a concealment battlesight and a fiber-optic front sight, but milled slide cuts for red-dot optics are also available. The gun comes with a Bullet Proof thumb safety, as well as a Bullet Proof magazine release, and you'll find X-TAC serrations on at the rear of the slide for easy racking.

The Wilson Combat SFX9 measures 6.75" long, 5.25" high and weighs 26.9 ozs., unloaded. The specially developed Mec-Gar magazines hold 15 rounds of 9 mm, and two magazine ship with each pistol. The starting price on the SFX9 is $2,895. For more information, visit


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