Gun Of The Week: Wilson Combat SFX9

posted on March 10, 2023

American Rifleman staff is on the range this week taking a closer look at the Wilson Combat SFX9, which is chambered in 9 mm Luger. This particular model is the company’s 4” barreled gun, and it’s just the latest in a rich lineup of custom-crafted concealed-carry guns from a maker known for its M1911s. Watch the video above to see it in use on the NRA Tech Range.

Gun Of The Week title screen American Rifleman showing handgun pistol wilson combat sfx9 gun ammunition blue background

Wilson Combat started up in 1977, when Bill Wilson began tuning up handguns in the back of his family’s jewelry store. More than 45 years later, Wilson Combat now employs more than 200 people across three states, and its handgun offerings now go beyond just the venerable M1911 design. The origins of the SFX9 are found in the company’s EDC X9, an in-house design with a custom frame that accepts double-stack magazines while still retaining a slim grip profile and M1911-style controls. At the heart of the Wilson Combat SFX9 is a machined 7075-T6 aluminum grip frame, which is what denotes the gun's nomenclature “Solid Frame X9.” There are no removable grip panels on the gun. Instead, the company’s starburst-pattern grip texture is machined directly into the frame, and there is checkering on the frontstrap and backstrap. Not only does this lend added durability to the design, it also helps ensure a thinner profile for easier concealment.

Wilson Combat SFX9 handgun pistol black gun frame grip serrations pattern texture starburst trigger magazine baseplate

At the top end of the gun is a stainless-steel slide housing a 4” stainless-steel barrel. The barrel features fluting along its length, as well as a flush-cut reverse crown. The slide features an external extractor, as well as a heavy machined chamfer along its bottom edge, and is finished with a Diamond-Like Carbon coating for durability and lubricity. Diamond-shaped serrations are located fore and aft, and the slide has a tri-top profile with straight serrations along its top face to reduce glare. Sights are dovetailed with the rear consisting of a U-notch profile to coincide with the red fiber-optic pipe up front. Control-wise, fans of the M1911 will feel at home on the Wilson Combat SFX9. There’s a single-side manual thumb safety in the traditional M1911 location, as well as a single-side slide-stop lever and push-button magazine release. The SFX9 is also hammer-fired, with a skeletonized, serrated external hammer shrouded by a generous beavertail that protects the hand from hammer bite. One notable difference, compared to Browning's M1911 design, is the distinct lack of a grip safety.

Shooting range video screenshot of Wilson Combat SFX9 handgun pistol black gun fired with spent casing in the air

The all-metal design results in an unloaded weight of just over 29 ozs., and when combined with the easy-to-shoot 9 mm Luger, it makes for a soft-recoiling platform. Our testers found that the finely tuned single-stage trigger, which is set from the factory to break between 3.5 and 4.5 lbs, exhibited a great feel throughout the myriad drills the SFX9 was exposed to. It is important to note that all of Wilson Combat’s guns are a complete custom package with different options and enhancements available at every step along the build process. While Wilson Combat’s guns aren’t inexpensive, at the end of the day, customers can get exactly what they want, and even with as many handguns as there are on the market today, there’s no substitute for a custom-built firearm.

Wilson Combat SFX9 handgun pistol black gun on the range with man wearing protective gear

Wilson Combat SFX9 Specifications
Manufacturer: Wilson Combat
Action Type: recoil-operated centerfire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Barrel: 4" stainless steel
Frame: aluminum
Slide: stainless steel, Diamond-Like Carbon finish
Sights: dovetailed; u-notch rear, fiber-optic post front
Magazine: 15-round detachable box
Overall Length: 7.4"
Height: 5.25"
Width: 1.15"
Weight: 29.3 ozs.
MSRP: $2,895 (base)


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