Editors’ Picks 2018: Mossberg 590M

posted on April 17, 2018

Mossberg's Model 590 is a quintessential American pump-action shotgun, and the new 590M introduces the benefits of detachable box magazines to what has previously been a strictly tube-fed platform. A 12 gauge measuring 39.5" long with an 18.5" barrel and weighing 7 lbs., 12 ozs., the 590M is available in two versions at launch, one pairing a corncob fore-end with a bead front sight (shown) and the other featuring a tri-rail fore-end and ghost-ring sights. Feeding from the company’s beefy new double-stack magazines, the shotgun ships with one 10-round magazine, however, five-, 15- and 20-rounders are also available separately. A bilateral, steel magazine release is located just forward of the trigger guard and can be actuated by pressing inward, while all other operating controls are found in their traditional locations for the Model 590. mossberg.com

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