Cover Location

posted on June 5, 2013

In a recent home assault, a homeowner fought off two armed assailants without receiving an injury. According to the news report, the Lafayette, La., man stopped the attackers at the door by exchanging gunfire with the pair.

As there were two, both with firearms, it is my assumption that the homeowner had a good cover location from which to defend his home. It is a good idea to pre-plan several cover locations from which you can defend, as most homes have multiple points for access. This means that you should determine potential cover, something that can stop a bullet, throughout your home.

You can even move items, such as a bookcase full of books, to provide defensive zones. Of course, concealment, such as furniture, is better than nothing as it can provide for a surprise attack that forces the assailants to flee, but understand that hiding behind a chair or a couch leaves you venerable to a determined attacker.

I personally have three locations scouted that provide cover against anyone trying to enter through my exterior doors on the lower level. Unfortunately, my upper level has more concealment than cover at the present time, but I’m looking into improving this deficiency.

A good home-defense plan is the best way to ward off a home invasion, and this includes areas from which you can safely defend. Take a look at your home and see where you can improve you cover.


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