Tested: Kimber K6s Revolver

Introduced in 2016, production of Kimber's revolvers is now humming, and new models of the wheelgun include the K6s Deep Cover and the K6s Stainless 3".

Field Tested: Air Armor Tech Inflatable Gun Cases

If you've invested in a top-notch rifle you'll want to make sure it's properly protected when transported. Air Armor Tech offers a great solution in its inflatable gun case.

Gear Test: Kalahari Standouts

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach highlights some of the gear that helped make his trip to South Africa's Kalahari Desert for plains game an overwhelming success.

Ultralight U.S.G.I.-Style Mess Kits

The Heavy Cover Titanium Mess Kit takes the design of the classic U.S.G.I. mess kit and makes it lighter for the weight-conscious hunters and outdoorsmen.

Cover Location

In a recent home assault, a homeowner fought off two armed assailants without receiving an injury. According to the news report, the Lafayette, La., man stopped the attackers at the door by exchanging gunfire with the pair.

CrossBreed Modular Belly Band

CrossBreed Holsters has introduced a Modular Belly Band in conjunction with Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Firearms Training Services.

Defensive Fundamentals

It takes training and practice to implement the fundamentals of defense.

Movie Cover

I’m always amazed at how Hollywood seems to believe that couches, plank walls and interior doors can serve as cover for the hero and stop bullets.

Carry Vests

For years, gunwriters have been emphatic in their opinion that vests used by concealed-gun carriers practically scream "gun."

Cover & Concealment

You should always know where available cover and concealment is located in your area.


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