Colt Recall

posted on July 2, 2009

Colt Manufacturing Company has announced a recall of six 1911-styled pistol models because parts were not manufactured to Colt specifications and could break, causing safety issues with the handguns.

The following models sold after March 2007 are affected by the recall, which will require replacement of the Slide Lock Safety, the Recoil Spring Guide Pad or both:

•1911 WWI Replica (O1911) - 4597WMK to 5414WMK (safety)
•1918 WWI Replica (O1918) – 1001WWI to 3431WWI (safety)
•Combat Elite (O7810D) – CG10000E to CG11293E (safety)
•Defender (O7000D) – DR33036 to DR35948 (guide pad)
•Talo Night Defender (O7000NDF) – NDF0001 to NDF0400 (guide pad)
•New Agent (O7810D) – GT01001 to GT04505 both parts require replacing

Customers owning models in the listed serial number range should stop using the handgun immediately, and contact Colt Customer Service for instructions. The models requiring the Slide Lock Safety replacement must be returned to Colt for repair, while the Defender models can be repaired at home with a replacement part.

Customers can contact Colt Manufacturing Company LLC by phone, mail or online at:
•(800) 962-2658 (Option 2)
•545 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110
[email protected]

Colt determined that the parts for the models listed above were of improper hardness, and could wear, bend or crack, causing safety issues or rendering the pistol inoperable. While there has been no reports of injuries or property damage, Colt advises owners to immediately stop using the affected firearms, and contact Colt to learn how to have the handguns repaired at no cost.


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right side bolt-action rifle wood stock leather sling black metal

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