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Field Tested: Tuff Products’ Quick Strips

Field Tested: Tuff Products’ Quick Strips

Transporting ready-to-shoot ammunition for semi-automatics is easy thanks to removable box magazines. If you need more ammunition at your fingertips, just load a few more magazines. All of a double-action revolver’s chambers can be reloaded simultaneously with a round speed loader. But speed loaders can be a challenge to carry in some situations and they are not available for all makes and models. And what about keeping cartridges handy for single-shot rifles, big-bore single-action revolvers, double-barrel pistols, or handguns chambered to fire .410 shot shells?

Tuff Products' Quick Strips are handy little devices that effectively fill the ammunition-retention gap that exists between semi-autos and, well, just about everythin else. The simple but rugged rubber Quick Strips hold spare rounds together in a straight line for a much more convenient loading process. The strips give the ammunition a flat profile, making it easy to keep additional ammunition in a jeans pocket, belt pouch, or a nook in a purse or backpack instead of single-loading rounds from belt loops or fishing around in a pocket for loose cartridges. Individual strips hold between five to 10-rounds, depending on the caliber. Tuff Products’ expansive Quick Strip line accommodates a wide variety of ammunition sizes. Depending on the model, most of the individual strips can multi-task by storing anywhere from two to eight different calibers of ammunition. For handguns, they have strips to hold rounds from .22 Short to .500 S&W in a number of colors. Tuff Products also has strips to fit some rifle rounds and shotgun shells including .410 Bore, 20-ga. and 12-ga. 

For more, visit TuffProducts.com.
MSRP: Two-Strip Pack $9.45

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