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For years, I’ve been complaining about how Hollywood projects the image that a couch is cover and can stop bullets. What I didn’t know was that the film industry had obtained some CouchBunkers before they were even invented.

Made by Heracles Research Corporation, the same people who introduced the BedBunker, the CouchBunker is a fire-rated gun safe hidden inside a couch. The storage area is 78-inches long, 29.5-inches wide and 14-inches deep, an area which the company claims can hold up to 30 rifles. This really means it will hold approximately 20 long guns comfortably, with a little room for ammo or other survival gear.

Of course at around $7,000, the CouchBunker is not cheap, but the cushions have straps and can be used as portable shields that can actually stop bullets-the manufacturer claims it can stop a .44 Mag. at close range. I wonder how many rounds one of these cushions can take, if it can stop a rifle round and whether I can get my hands on a couple without having to purchase the entire couch. I mean these cushions could be very useful.

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