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Brownells’ Brass One Caliber Set

Brownells’ Brass One Caliber Set


Brownells’ Brass One Caliber Set features all the hand tools necessary to properly face and chamfer a rifle’s or handgun’s muzzle or, concerning the latter, also the cylinder.

Included in each kit are: one, hardened steel 90-degree facing cutter; one, hardened steel 45-degree chamfering cutter; one aluminum cutter handle; and one brass caliber-specific bore pilot—additional bore pilots can be purchased separately—contained within a polypropylene box. Cutter lengths and diameters vary by application (and thus by kit).

Using the Brass One Caliber Set is straightforward—especially since easy-to-understand step-by-step directions are supplied—and unless the shortening cut (if reducing overall barrel length versus a simple repair) was done egregiously, time to completion is relatively short. If the directions are adhered to, and patience practiced, the results can have a professional appearance with impressive accuracy at the range to match. Price: $151.

Contact: Brownells; (800) 741-0015; www.brownells.com.

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