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The Water of Life

The Water of Life

In the aftermath of Sandy, more people are realizing that there are many levels of preparedness. While many have supplies for a few days, long-term survival should also be considered.

The human body can last a long time without food, but clean water is a requirement for life. It lubricates the body and helps regulate body temperature. Dehydration can set in very quickly without adequate supplies. For that reason, you should always have a two to three day supply for every person in your household. But, what are you going to do if a disaster lasts longer than that?

There are many ways to purify water for drinking in disaster scenarios, including water purification tablets and filters. Tablets are small, easily portable and last a long time in unsealed bottles, but they absolutely ruin the taste. Boiling for at least a minute works well, but also makes the water taste funny. Filters are the fastest and easiest way to purify water, but you shouldn’t rely on filters that you use in the kitchen to reduce chlorine. Consider purchasing the outdoor filters that backpackers use in the wilds, such as the Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter, which can be obtained through online retailers like Cheaper Than Dirt. These filters eliminate bacteria, while keeping the water tasting like water.

I keep both tablets and a filter in my go bags, alongside my food, medical supplies and defensive materials. It’s great to be prepared for disasters that cause problems, but you should also be prepared in case the situation becomes an apocalypse.

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