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Winchester Ladies Cup Championship 5

The Inaugural Winchester Ladies Cup Championship

As part of an effort to bolster female participation in sporting-clays competition, the inaugural Winchester Ladies Cup Championship got underway during the 2021 National Sporting Clays Association Championship Tour.

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Eaa Girsan Untouchable Mc1911 Range Tested 2

Range Tested: EAA Girsan Untouchable MC1911

Among EAA Corp's. product line, the Girsan Untouchable MC1911 stands out as being an incredibly competitive offering within the M1911 world, as it offers a finish level and a feature set that's unheard of at the gun's price point.

North-South Skirmish Association Revolver Match

The North-South Skirmish Association is a competitive shooting organization dedicated to the active use of Civil War-period arms. "American Rifleman Television" had an opportunity to get a closer look at the group's revolver matches at its Fall National Skirmish.

Gun Of The Week: Rossi Brawler

"Adaptable" and "handy" are key words that best describe Rossi’s modern single-shot handgun. A spinoff of the Tuffy shotgun series, the Brawler delivers .410 bore performance in a handgun-size platform.

American Strong: A Message From Federal Ammunition CEO Jason Vanderbrink

Jason Vanderbrink, president and CEO of Federal Ammunition and Remington Ammunition, took to the Internet to share some facts about CCI, Federal, Hevi-Shot, Remington and Speer Ammunition and the 4,000 team members who make ammunition right here in the United States.

Gun Of The Week: Colt King Cobra Target .22 LR

Colt offers its King Cobra .22 Target revolver with either a 6” or a 4.25” barrel, and we have an example of the latter on the range for this Gun Of The Week episode.

Gun Of The Week: Winchester Wildcat Sporter

Chambered for the ubiquitous .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge, this latest Winchester Wildcat Sporter is packed with innovations and wrapped in traditional walnut wood.

Gun Of The Week: Davidson’s Exclusive Glock 19X MOS Threaded

Davidson's has collaborated with Glock to bring a unique factory offering, a G19X dressed in a coyote brown finish, topped with suppressor-height sights and threaded for sound suppressors.

Rifleman Review: Smith & Wesson Model 350

Winchester's 350 Legend cartridge has become popular with shooters in states that have straight-wall cartridge restrictions for rifle hunting, and many other manufacturers are capitalizing on the popularity of this new round. One such company is Smith & Wesson, which released its Model 350 for handgun hunters.

Gun Of The Week: EAA Girsan MCP35 PI Ops

Welcome to another American Rifleman Gun Of The Week video, and this time, we’re looking at possibly the most-upgraded High Power pistol you can get straight from the factory. This is the EAA Girsan MCP35 PI Ops.

I Have This Old Gun: French FRF2 Sniper Rifle

During the Cold War, many nations developed domestically sourced sniping rifles, and many of those rifles were based on pre-World War II designs. One nation that reconfigured a previously used bolt-action service rifle to meet the needs of precision marksmen was France, and the result was the FRF2 sniper rifle.

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