Tips & Techniques: Quick & Dirty Wind Reading

posted on January 10, 2023
Wind Reading

A common saying in precision shooting is that beginners study ballistic charts, while masters study the wind. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to mastering the wind, but there is a starting point.

Dealing with wind consists of two problems: estimating the wind itself and adjusting the point of aim (POA) accordingly. Wind meters, flags or gut instincts help with the first problem, but not everyone has them when they need them.

Professionals test themselves by first estimating the wind and then using a meter to see how close they were. 

The best way to correct for wind is to know the ballistic data of the cartridge and calculate the required adjustment. This is especially important for shots beyond 300 yards. Inside of that, the average shooter has a little bit more room for error. Assuming a standard IPSC silhouette target (18"x30"), the below strategies can aid in quickly getting on target within that distance.

With these tricks in mind, try applying them at a local outdoor range and start building a mental database for wind correction.

wind direction graphic


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