The Armed Citizen® September 19, 2016

posted on September 19, 2016
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A Detroit-area man used a gun to save himself and his wife from two armed intruders. The criminals accosted the couple outside of their home, then ordered them inside the house and into the basement. With a gun pointed at his head, all Daniel McNamara could think about was how to get to his firearm that he kept in the basement. After the intruders took the couple’s wedding rings, cell phones and wallets, one of the miscreants turned to head out of the basement. That’s when McNamara found his opportunity. He grabbed his gun and fired two shots, hitting one bad guy before both fled. “Of course I was scared. Who wouldn’t be?” McNamara told reporters. “Some goon has a gun to your head and tells you he’s going to shoot you because you’ve seen his face.” The injured suspect was arrested at the hospital. There was no report of his accomplice being caught. (WXYZ-TV, Detroit, MI, 5/24/16) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra 
Two men were wounded, one fatally, when they tried to rob a house in Everett, Wash., only to find that they had brought pepper spray to a gun fight. The pair broke into the home brandishing and discharging pepper spray and demanding money from the residents. One of the roommates, hearing a commotion, armed himself and went to investigate. Believing his friends were being held at gunpoint, the armed citizen fired upon the two intruders, striking both of them. One robber died at the scene, the other fled and is still being sought by the authorities. (The Daily Herald, Everett, WA, 6/26/16)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
September 1982
A hold-up artist pointed a small semi-automatic pistol at Cindy Branford and demanded the contents of the till at her Anchorage, Alaska, gas station. But she pulled out a .357 Magnum-chambered revolver instead of the cash, and the criminal took to his heel in response. (The Daily News, Anchorage, AK)


Mossberg Maverick 88
Mossberg Maverick 88

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The Maverick 88 is one of Mossberg's best known shotgun models and is currently available in 14 different versions.

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Watch this segment of American Rifleman Television "The Men And Guns Of D-Day" to learn more about the men of the 82nd Airborne Division, their stories and the firearms they used during "The Great Crusade."

MidwayUSA Grants $2.3 Million To Help Youth Shooting Teams

The MidwayUSA Foundation recently announced the payout of more than $2.23 million in cash grants to 612 youth shooting teams.

Review: Bond Arms Roughneck

The Roughneck derringer from Bond Arms is an entry-level option in 9 mm Luger, but don’t let that fool you, as the quality of its materials and craftsmanship rival those of the company’s top-end variants.

Book Review: The US M3/M3A1 Submachine Gun

Michael Heidler, no stranger to writing about firearm history, has produced a most impressive volume on one of this author’s favorite World War II firearms, the M3 “grease gun.”

Sniping In Korea: 1950-1953

When U.S. forces rushed to stop the North Koreans from overrunning South Korea in 1950, there were almost no American snipers. As the battle lines stabilized, that would change, and the war would become ideal for the employment of well-equipped and well-trained snipers.


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