The Armed Citizen® October 30, 2017

posted on October 30, 2017
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Drugs are thought to have a role in the case of a man who was held at gunpoint when he was caught allegedly attempting to steal a vehicle. A Salinas, Kan., resident had been awakened by his dog barking early one morning. The dog’s owner grabbed his gun before going to check out what had stirred up his pet. The search took him outside, where he spotted a stranger sitting in the armed citizen’s truck. The resident approached the truck and held the interloper at gunpoint until the police arrived. The alleged robber was arrested. Police found a variety of drugs and paraphernalia in his possession. He faces illegal substance and trespassing charges. (, Salinas, KS, 8/23/17)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A 30-year-old man entered a smoke store with his face and arms covered, pointed a handgun at the business owner and demanded money. The store owner drew his own pistol and shot the would-be robber. The injured man ran out of the store and was driven to a local hospital by a customer, who identified him to police. After receiving medical treatment, the crook was booked into jail on an aggravated robbery charge. Police said the business owner was acting in self-defense and does not face any charges. (Waco Tribune-Herald, Waco, TX, 10/25/17)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
October 1983
While sitting on his porch, Roe Watson of Detroit was approached by a young man asking to see his son. Watson, 70, invited the caller into his home. Once inside, the man produced a gun, robbed the elderly resident of several hundred dollars and ordered him into a chair. As the robber talked on the phone, Watson pulled his own gun, fired and mortally wounded the invader. The prosecutor’s office classified the shooting as justifiable homicide. (The News, Detroit, MI)


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