The Armed Citizen® June 20, 2016

posted on June 20, 2016
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A 71-year-old Virginia man refused to fall prey to a couple of teenage ruffians who targeted him during an armed robbery attempt; instead, he drew his carry handgun and shot one of the teens to death. The two hoodlums approached the man in an apartment complex. One flashed a gun and then demanded the victim’s valuables. They probably didn’t expect him to have a gun on him or that he’d be prepared to use it. But the man didn’t hesitate to defend himself, shooting an 18-year-old in the chest and chasing off his younger accomplice. Police have since cleared the man, saying the shooting was self-defense, and a 15-year-old has been charged for his role in the attempted armed robbery. (Daily Press, Hampton, VA, 3/14/16)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
While sitting on his couch watching television, a Buhl, Idaho, man heard a window in the back of his house shatter and witnessed a 32-year-old burglar entering his residence. The homeowner grabbed a 9 mm Luger-chambered pistol and ordered the intruder to lie on the ground. When the thief ignored the armed citizen’s commands, the resident pulled the trigger of his gun, only to have it malfunction. Fortunately, the victim was able to reach a second firearm, after which the suspect finally complied and got on the ground. The culprit was held at gunpoint until sheriff’s deputies could arrive and take him into custody. (Twins Falls Times-News, Twin Falls, ID)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
June 1982
Charles Bradley, a Palm Beach, Fla., blue jeans wholesaler, decided to stand guard at his warehouse, armed with a 12-ga. shotgun. His patience paid off when he heard a pair of burglars stuffing jeans into the trunk of their car. When his order to halt was unheeded, Bradley fired, injuring one thief. Both burglars were later captured by the police. (The Post, Palm Beach, FL)


Haemmerli & Hausch rifle
Haemmerli & Hausch rifle

Rifleman Q&A: Haemmerli & Hausch

I have an interesting .22-cal.  that appears to be a target rifle of sorts, but I can’t find information on it. The Blue Book Of Gun Values does not even contain information. Can you help?

The Armed Citizen® Dec. 11, 2023

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