The Armed Citizen® June 1, 2020

posted on June 1, 2020
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Late in the evening on Saturday, April 5, a homeowner in Spokane, Wash., woke after hearing a noise in his downstairs kitchen. He grabbed his shotgun and headed downstairs to investigate.

When he entered the kitchen, the homeowner found an unknown 29-year-old man using his microwave. The homeowner then demanded that the intruder leave, and the intruder responded that he didn't understand why the homeowner was so mad, as he was doing their dishes.

The 29-year-old suspect then approached the homeowner, and a struggle for the shotgun ensued. The homeowner fired one round into the ground, which caused the suspect to stumble away. He reloaded his shotgun as the suspect approached him once again and fired a round into the assailant's leg.

As the struggle ensued, the homeowner's wife had called the police, informed dispatchers that her husband had a gun and had found the alleged intruder. Deputies arrived at the scene to find the 29-year-old suspect yelling for help and bleeding from a shotgun wound to the leg.

One deputy applied a tourniquet to the wounded suspect and detained him as medical responders arrived at the scene. The suspect told deputies that he thought he was at a friend's house but later admitted that his friend was in prison. Investigators found no evidence that the suspect's friend had ever been in contact with the homeowners.

At the time of reporting, the suspected burglar was in the hospital and facing charges of first-degree burglary. The homeowner will not face any charges. (KXLY, Spokane, Wash., 04/05/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives December 1973

A youthful robber confronted Wesley Krouse of Phoenix, Ariz., at his front door and, armed with a .22-cal. revolver, forced the 72-year-old Krouse to turn over some cash and the keys to his truck.

But when the thief pushed the septuagenarian into his bedroom, Krouse grabbed a 12-ga. shotgun and exchanged fire with the bandit, who was killed instantly. (The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Ariz.)


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