The Armed Citizen® August 20, 2021

Law-Abiding Citizens Using Their 2nd Amendment Rights In Self-Defense

posted on August 20, 2021
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A Webster Groves, Mo., homeowner stood his ground and defended himself when an uninvited guest forced their way into the residence on the night of Aug. 13, 2021.

It happened just before 3:00 a.m. that Friday morning when an intruder targeted the home and made his way in through the back door. Alerted to the intrusion, the homeowner armed himself with a shotgun and confronted the intruder. After repeatedly telling the would-be burglar to leave the residence, and being refused, the homeowner shot the man.

When police arrived on scene, the found the intruder with a critical wound, and he later died in hospital. A neighbor of the homeowner said "I would have done the same. That's the first thing I did when I heard my dogs go crazy, I grabbed my handgun." (, Saint Louis, Mo., 03/16/2021)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives - August 1983

A would-be rapist awoke Claudine Hale in her Baltimore apartment, grabbed her by the throat and threatened to harm the children sleeping in the same room. Hale struggled with the assailant, then managed to reach a handgun, which she used to halt the attack. He fled after being shot, and the suspect was found dead nearby. Baltimore authorities declined to press charges against the woman. (The Evening Sun, Baltimore. Md.)


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