Propper Vest Saves Law Enforcement Officer’s Life

posted on September 26, 2017

relative newcomer to the ballistic-armor market, Propper has recently etched into its books a victory for one of its law enforcement customers. Earlier this year, Deputy Michael Hockett of Troup County, Ga., was responding to a routine welfare check and was greeted by a gun-wielding Matthew Edmonson. Firing multiple shots at Hockett, Edmondson’s shots struck him at various angles. The concealed 4PV (Four Panel Vest) that Hockett wore during the encounter successfully stopped the potentially fatal shots, saving the officer’s life. The fully modular vest not only protected Hockett’s chest and back, but the left and right side panels proved effective as well. The suspect was later apprehended after a six-hour standoff. Following the incident, Hockett was honored for his bravery and issued a new Propper 4PV vest.


Davidsons Exclusive Winchester 1895 1
Davidsons Exclusive Winchester 1895 1

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