Product Preview: Propper HLX Men’s Pant

posted on November 4, 2019

Many tactical pants are entirely functional, but they have an austere, businesslike appearance that just screams, “I’m carrying concealed.” Not so for Propper’s new HLX (Hybrid Lightweight Crossover) Men’s Pant, which melds the durability of a tactical pant with a much more refined, professional presentation. Stretch material in the waistband and the gusseted crotch provides comfort and maneuverability, while a water-resistant treatment applied to the lightweight polyester/cotton blend fabric helps repel the elements. The $60 HLX Pant features reinforced hip pockets, front welt pockets and concealed, zippered pockets both on the sides and the rear, and is available in five colors (LAPD Navy shown). For more information, please visit

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Campbell .32 20WCF 1
Campbell .32 20WCF 1

The .32-20 Winchester Center Fire: History & Performance

Born from a desire for a faster and flatter shooting cartridge, the .32-20 Winchester Center Fire cartridge came to the world stage at the end of the 19th century as a popular option for revolvers and lever-action rifles alike, but its popularity eventually dwindled as the 20th century progressed.

Tavor X95: The Updated Israeli Bullpup

Unveiled in 2016 and claiming a prestigious NRA Publication’s Golden Bullseye award by the next year, the Tavor X95 was a commerical success and improved upon the design of the original Tavor SAR. 

NRA Gun of the Week: Kimber 84M Pro Varmint

On this week’s “Gun of the Week” video preview, watch as American Rifleman staff take a short-action Kimber 84M rifle to the range for discussion.

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Rifleman Q&A: M1 Garand Vs. M1 Carbine Rebarrels

It seems to me that few World War II-vintage M1 Garand rifles retain their original barrels today, whereas most M1 Carbines of the same era I have seen still have the original barrels?

Record Setting Participation In USA Clay Target League Fall Season

This fall season of the USA Clay Target League has reached new heights, with a record breaking 651 high school and college teams, equating to 11,783 of the young enthusiasts, participating.


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