Product Preview: THAW Rechargeable Hand Warmers

posted on October 3, 2023
THAW Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Made in two sizes, THAW hand warmers power up in only seconds and can fit easily within most pants or jacket pockets to help make your outdoor winter treks considerably more comfortable.

Each warmer has three temperature settings—we found the larger model to have a runtime of approximately 11 hours on its lowest (109° F) setting and six hours at its highest (134° F)—and the warmers can be recharged each evening via an included USB-C power cord.

And, when not being used to generate heat, the units can also function as power banks, allowing you to charge a cellphone or other small electronic device.

MSPR for the THAW hand warmers are $29 (small) and $39 (large). For more information, visit


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