Preview: nomadiQ Gas Grill

posted on September 1, 2021
nomadiQ Gas Grill

NomadiQ Grills incorporates a feature-rich design with its nomadiQ Gas Grill by providing a compact, propane-fueled, portable grilling station that gives the outdoor adventurer a handy option that can be toted conveniently wherever it’s needed.

At 12 lbs., 5 ozs. and with a folding clamshell design the nomadiQ gas grill can be toted conveniently wherever it’s needed thanks to an integral carry handle and shoulder strap. Standing just 16" long, 14" tall and 6" wide when folded, nomadiQ hides unobtrusively out of the way when not in use, but once opened, it features two 10"x10" grilling surfaces, each with its own temperature control, and both grates can be easily removed for cleaning.

A push-to-start electronic ignition system comes standard. The grill has a runtime of roughly three hours using a standard 16-oz. propane tank, but an adapter is also available that makes it compatible with larger 20-lb. tanks. Two built-in, stainless steel burners supply a total of 9,200 BTUs for effective cooking on the ceramic-coated non-stick grilling grates. NomadiQ Grills supplies two drip trays to catch grease and mitigate the risk of flame flare-up. Retail price is set for $300.

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