Product Preview: Remora Inside the Waistband RFT Gen II Holster

posted on September 12, 2018

An American-made, ambidextrous, no-clip holster design, the Remora Inside the Waistband RFT is held in place along the belt line by the adhesion provided by its tacky, non-slip, silicon outer skin—and the current Gen II version is even softer and lighter than the original model. Thanks to a thin Kydex core, the holster’s RFT reinforced mouth remains open after the firearm is drawn, allowing for easy, one-handed re-holstering. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate a broad range of semi-automatics and revolvers, the shape of the holster also allows it to ride comfortably within a front pants pocket. Price: $36. Contact: Remora Holsters;



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Majority Stake Acquired In Fiocchi Ammunition As U.S. Arm Expands

An industrial group based in Prague, Czech Republic, Czechoslovak Group (CSG), has acquired a 70 percent stake in Fiocchi Munizioni, the Italian parent company of Fiocchi of America.

Winchester Expands USA Valor Line

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When selecting a semi-automatic handgun for self-defense, for many the only choice is the M1911—and for good reason. Few firearms are as proven in life-and-death confrontations.


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