Product Preview: Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock

posted on March 30, 2016

The AR-15 was originally conceived to be a comparatively lightweight firearm, and many modern enthusiasts of the platform choose to take that notion to the extreme by selecting ultra-light components for their rifle builds. Weighing in at just 5.4 ozs., by utilizing the smallest amount of material possible while retaining functionality, the Minimalist Stock by Mission First Tactical makes a solid option for those seeking to minimize the weight and clutter of their modern sporting rifle. Available in configurations compatible with both commercial (BMS) and mil-spec (BMSMIL) receiver extensions, and offered in several colors, the Minimalist Stock is a slide-on collapsible unit constructed of reinforced polyamide. The simplistic, yet rugged, stock features an angled, non-slip rubberized buttpad, an ambidextrous QD sling mount and a recessed length-adjustment lever. Price: $60. Contact: Mission First Tactical (267) 704-0001;


TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight
TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight

Preview: TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight

Due to their location on the gun, most front iron sights preclude the placement of a tactical light forward on a defensive carbine’s 12-o’clock rail, as they typically obstruct the light’s beam.

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