Product Preview: Grizzly Ears Predator Pro Earbuds

posted on August 23, 2019
Predator Pro in-ear earbuds, from Grizzly Ears, offers noise reduction for impulse noises greater than 85 dB, and 6x sound amplification for low-level exterior sounds. The earbuds feature a standby time of 100 hours after a charging time of only 1.5 hours. Bluetooth compatible, Predator Pro earbuds can hold a phone conversation for up to four hours, and play music for 3.5 hours with stereo sound. The bluetooth pairs automatically, and when not in use, the earbuds will power down, turn off and charge automatically.

In terms of charging, these earbuds come with their own case, which can hold three full charges (12 hours total). Of importance: While the earbuds are waterproof, the charging case is not, so it's best to leave them in the vinyl, zip-up carrying case in which they come packaged. The charging case itself can be charged via USB cable, which is included.

On the range, the Predator Pro earbuds performed admirably, though some experimentation is required. The earbuds come with four separate pairs of memory foam earbuds (XS, S, M & L), and it takes a firing a few shots to figure out which best keeps out noise. Generally, it seems better to go with the largest set that fits, though personal preference can vary.

Predator Pro earbuds retail for $249. For more information, please visit


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