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Dry-Fire Practice Tips For Your Double-Action Revolver

For those who own and carry a double-action revolver, dry-fire practice can help build skills with trigger control and improve accuracy.

Preview: Trius 1-Step

Looking for the right clay thrower for your impromptu trap range? This Trius 1-Step is a sturdy, portable option for you.

Mastering the Handgun: A Tried-and-True Method

With the incredible number of firearms and accessories available, it can seem easy to buy your way to proficiency. However, Wiley Clapp says there's a tried-and-true method.

A Hunter's Guide to Trap & Skeet Shooting

Want to wingshoot better this fall? Then get to the trap and skeet range today! If sporting clays is “golf with a shotgun” then trap is the driving range and skeet the putting green—practice fields where you can work on parts of your game.

5 Steps to Improve Your Dry-Fire Routine

Here we take a look at five steps to dry firing to both improve trigger familiarity and increase consistency.

Rifleman Q&A: Could Civilians Buy New M1903 Springfields?

Could American civilians order ‘03 Springfields from U.S. arsenals or were they for the military only?

Deliberate Practice: Set Stretch Goals in Your Shooting Sessions

Do you have goals to reach when you're shooting? If not, here are a few reasons why you should consider adding stretch goals in your shooting sessions.

Liven Up Dry-Fire Practice

For competitive shooters and armed citizens interested in improving their firearm handling and skills, a lot can be gained by practicing with an unloaded gun—a technique commonly referred to as dry-fire.

Product Preview: Grizzly Ears Predator Pro Earbuds

Grizzly Ears Predator Pro earbuds offer in-ear protection from noises greater than 85 dB.

Product Preview: MagnetoSpeed T1000 Hit Indicator

The MagnetoSpeed T1000 is a target hit indicator that, once attached to an AR500 steel target, not only offers a visual confirmation of successful impacts that is easy to see even at great distances and in limited-visibility conditions, such as dense fog, but can even call near misses.

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