Preview: Springfield Armory Ronin 1911 10 mm Auto

posted on November 17, 2020

Springfield Armory Inc. just released the newest addition to its Ronin 1911 series of handguns, the Ronin 1911 chambered in 10 mm Auto. Like the previous Ronin 1911s in the series chambered in 9 mm and .45 ACP, the new 10 mm Auto version is a semi-automatic handgun that blends the classic features of the historic 1911 design with some modern enhancements.

The 10 mm Auto version of the Ronin 1911 series has a two-tone finish with a raw forged stainless-steel frame and a forged carbon-steel slide with a blued finish.  Serrations at the front and rear of the slide provide solid grip for manipulation while being subdued enough to not add extra snag points. The recoil system used in the Ronin series is the same basic GI-style Browning design found in older Government Model 1911s.

The 10 mm Auto Ronin 1911 has a red fiber-optic front sight with a tactical rack white-dot rear sight for improved visibility. Both the front and rear sights use dovetail notch cuts, and can be interchanged with other aftermarket sights, if so desired. The match-grade barrel is 5” and made of forged stainless-steel with a 1:16” twist rate. The 10 mm Auto Ronin 1911 feeds from an 8-round single-stack magazine, with one magazine included with the pistol. 

It also features a skeletonized hammer and trigger shoe, along with an enlarged beavertail grip safety, just like the other Ronin 1911s. The slide catch has added serrations for improved purchase, along with the enlarged thumb safety lever, with both of these controls located on the left side only.The front strap is smooth while the backstrap is checkered for an enhanced grip surface. 

The oil-finished wood grips feature the Springfield Armory crossed cannons logo and are half checkered at the lower end. The 10 mm Auto Ronin 1911 has an overall length of 8.6” and a height of 5.5”. The Ronin 1911 chambered in 10 mm Auto has a suggested retail price of $850. For more information, visit   


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