Preview: Magpul Rigger EDC Knife

posted on January 17, 2021
Magpul has teased knife enthusiasts with limited-edition folders in several instances now, and the limited runs sell out within literal seconds when released for public sale. Those who haven't been quick enough on the "Buy" button can whet their appetite with the first permanent blade added to Magpul's product lineup: the Rigger EDC knife.

Based on the company's limited-edition Rigger, the Magpul Rigger EDC brings the same design details that made the previous version so popular. However, this accessible model is crafted with different materials, making it more affordable for today's EDC enthusiasts. Each Rigger EDC is a frame-lock design built with a double-lock 7075 aluminum frame treated with a clear anodized finish.

At the heart of the Magpul Rigger EDC is a modified Wharncliffe blade made using S35VN steel and finished with a tapered dual bevel grind. One of the unique features found on this knife is the company's innovative secondary locking feature, which prevents the blade from closing accidentally under heavy use. The locking feature is designed for easy disengagement, even when wearing gloves, which means you can close the blade quickly and easily. The blade itself features jimping and deploys quickly through the use of a flipper and locks in place with an audible click.

A removable pocket clip, machined from aluminum, is included on the knife and can be easily removed or reversed with a slotted screwdriver. The overall length of the Magpul Rigger EDC is 7.6" when deployed and 4.5" when closed. The knife features a blade length of 3.4" measured from the center of the pivot point, and the blade thickness measures 11/64". All hardware is made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

The suggested retail price on the Magpul Rigger EDC knife is $239.95. For more information, visit


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