Preview: Laser Strike Target Pack & Laser

posted on December 16, 2023
Laser Strike Target Pack & Laser

Not only is the Laser Strike target dry-fire training aid compatible with all red-laser trainers on the market, it is inexpensive, versatile and safe, and the company offers a kit that bundles a pair of its targets with a stand, two wall mounts and a laser training cartridge.

Each unpowered (not dependent on batteries) unit provides hit indication whenever any portion of its 3"-diameter face is struck by a laser, however, its patent-pending Beam Splitting technology prevents the beam from unsafely reflecting back toward the shooter.

Each target can be temporarily affixed to any magnetic surface, and “skill rings” are provided that shrink the target’s bullseye to either 1" or 2" in diameter.

MSRP is $90. For more information, visit


PTR 63 01
PTR 63 01

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